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Endorfy Thock TKL mehāniskā klaviatūra ar RGB Pudding Edition (US, Kailh RED switch)

Endorfy Thock TKL mehāniskā klaviatūra ar RGB Pudding Edition (US, Kailh RED switch)

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The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red keyboard is as unique as the white onyx that inspired us. 87 durable PBT keycaps crown its small, bright ARGB-backlit chassis (Double Shot FTW!). Each one looks like a tiny milky white piece of candy — hence the cute name “Pudding” — but hides a powerful Kailh Red mechanical switch.

This keyboard has everything and is everything. Conquer the whole wide world with it at your side — starting with work emails, then your gaming backlog, and then maybe finally catch up with friends.
Of house Onyx White

Meet the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red — from our extraordinary Onyx White series.
Good luck pretending to be indifferent about its looks, we know it’s impossible. It’s a small work of art that’ll make your home office even more yours. And in the evening, it’ll take the immersion to the next level with its fabulous ARGB glow.

This bright centerpiece on your desk was inspired by the white variety of onyx — a precious mineral, known for its high durability and unique beauty. Makes your friends go mad with envy!
Whenever you want to switch things up a little around the home office, you can activate the brilliant ARGB backlight with a single click. And let there be light! The aluminium top plate reflects its glow beautifully, making it appear almost… incandescent.

No room for “happy accidents”
When it comes to building hardware or arranging the perfect battle station — there’s no room for “happy accidents”. That’s why we designed the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red to save on desk space as much as possible. Fit everything you need next to this sleek puppy and don’t let anyone steal your vibe.

To make all of that happen, we ditched the numpad entirely. The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red is small and ready for “Action!”.

Custom-tailored suit keyboard
The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red is a keyboard you can adjust on the fly. We equipped it with 87 Pudding keycaps, but you only need to push one of them to change its look. Keep it monochrome for work, blast the radiant rainbow hues in a video call with friends, or highlight core hotkeys for your favorite game.

You can also turn off ARGB entirely and enjoy its stylish white coloring. You do you.

It’s all thanks to the special technique we used to bring these two-colored keycaps to life — Double Shot. During that process, two separate layers of heavy-duty PBT polymer are injected into the mold. The rigid top keeps the keycaps from wearing out and the milky white bottom (where the name comes from) shines with bright ARGB light.

Bloody red switches
Every technology hero fights virtual battles. Knowing that we wanted to squeeze more out of Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red. Say “Hi” to Kailh Red mechanical switches — soft but deadly, they respond instantly to the lightest touch.

Kailh Red are what we call “linear” switches — smooth all the way down, they excel where an immediate reaction is a must. Just a light flick of the key and you disappear from your enemy’s sights. They’re also durable, with an estimated lifespan of as many as 50 million clicks (and thanks to the N-Key Rollover, each and every click is recorded and executed, period).
And as a bonus, the keyboard is quite… quiet. We’re sure it’ll find many fans among night owls (and their grateful roommates).

Wild beauty
The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red is a beauty, but a hard-headed one (literally). We tested it in harsh conditions — travels in a stuffed bag, a few salty ragequits, and even our well-fed Garfield took a nap on it. Regardless of what it faces, this durable (and shiny) beast still looks brand-new.

Its chassis reinforced with an aluminium top is rigid and damage-resistant — ready to withstand the toughest conditions. Its grip firm, so it doesn’t move around the desk even when you’re gaming or working for hours on end. It looks the part too — engraved patterns on the bottom and ARGB backlight giving it a fierce edge.

My name is RGB. ARGB
Let’s face it — keyboards without a backlight are fine. But if you like the darkness of the night, want to stand out from the crowd, or impress your followers, then ARGB is a must-have.
Customize the look of the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red to complete the battle station of your dreams. Highlight each of the 104 keys in a different color, differentiate the core keys with a separate hue or set a single effect across the board. You can do this with the help of the included software or directly from the keyboard — without installing anything.

Perhaps some will say it’s unnecessary and a gizmo (you can always disable it entirely)... but if you like to play with the look of your setup every now and then, ARGB backlighting is the thing for you.

Adjustable angles
To make clicking even more comfortable, we equipped the Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red with two-step adjustable feet. With them, you can place the keyboard at an angle that best suits your needs.

Cable management made easier
The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red keyboard chassis allows you to route the cable in three different ways, helping you make better use of your desk space.
It’s possible thanks to a detachable cable and three custom-made channels on the bottom of the keyboard, allowing you to arrange the cable conveniently — for example, closer to the grommets or at the edge of the table.

Cable management made easier
Do you like to have everything under control? We thought of that — and equipped The Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red with functional and feature-packed software.
We fondly refer to it as “God mode”. With its help, you’ll adjust all keyboard settings to your needs — whether it’s changing the ARGB backlight and its color, customizing the effects, or creating new profiles. If you want, you can even create your own macros.

Endorfy Thock TKL Pudding Onyx White Red – main features:
• TKL mechanical keyboard
• Sleek shape and stylish white design
• Configurable RGB backlighting
• High durability
• Kailh Red Mechanical Switches
• Durable PBT keycaps
• Detachable cable
• Two-step feet
• N-Key Rollover function
• Functional software
Ražotājs Endorfy
GARANTIJA Fiziskām per. 24 mēn. / Juridiskām pers. 12 mēn.
Krāsa Balts
Klaviatūras tips Mehānisks
Taustiņu skaits 87
Izkārtojums US
Switches Kailh Red
Anti-ghosting Jā, ir
Aizmugures apgaismojums Jā. Ir
Izmēri 33 x 11.6 x 4 cm
Tips Vadu
Speciāla programmatūras iekārta
Savienojums USB
Toņu skaits 16,8 M
Ieteicams Spēlētājiem
Atbalsts locītavai Nav pievienots

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